I emailed Publix today to tell them I would love to have a Publix close to me in the Charlotte area.  There are so many good deals I hear about at Publix and for good reason.  Their coupon policy provides for the best possible deals.  To name a few of the awesome things about Publix:

  • Quite frequently they put out their own coupon booklets which are exclusive to their stores.
  • They are the only store I know of that both doubles coupons and gives overage if the value exceeds the price of the item.
  • They have the “Publix Promise.”  If an item rings up for the wrong price they will refund you the full value of the item and you get to keep it for free!
  • Full Coupon Policy Here

Well, the response email I got from them came with an awesome surprise.  Publix is planning to open a new store in Fort Mill, SC on the corner of Pleasant Rd. and Gold Hill Rd. later this year!!!  I googled “Publix in Fort Mill” and found this article.   I am so excited the new store is going to be less then 10 minutes from me and lets not forget the great competition Publix will give our current grocery stores.


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